EXCHANGE RATE - 25.03.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.5286 123.9455 126.3624
CHF CHF 112.1890 115.5992 119.0094
GBP GBP 139.3687 143.6050 147.8413
USD USD 109.4179 115.1161 120.8143
complete rate
Your business needs “just a bank”, but a partner and a support. Somebody who will in the recognize its specific needs and answer it as quick as possible.
The knowledge we accumulated during the 150 years of our existence and the informations that are available to us through one of the biggest financial nets in the world make Societe Generale relevant partner and adequate support for any small business or businessman.
We live in dynamic times and we have set our goal to always be one step ahead of your business cause it’s the only way to be on the path to your success.
Societe Generale defines “small business” as: legal entities or individuals who perform activities, registered under the Companies Act, with total annual revenues up to EUR 1.500.000 according to the latest official financial statements (calculated at the average exchange rate of NBS on the date of preparation of financial statements, including related parties).


Offer for manufacturing activities


Offer for transport and storage activities


Offer for trade activities


Standard offer for Small Business
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