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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Societe Generale Serbia apply high standards in the policy toward employees, customers, local community
and the environment, integrating the principles of social responsibility in the overall strategy  of the bank.

Societe Generale Group is present in 76 countries in the World, and CSR strategy in all subsidiaries is based
on same principles, with adjustments to local needs and specific conditions. Strategic guidelines for social responsibility  in Serbia are deeply rooted in core values of the bank and based on the  following priorities:
  • integration of CSR principles in business activities
  • responsible management of staff
  • reducing the negative impact of our business to the environment
  • contribution to civil society
As founding  member of  the UN Global Compact in Serbia and Business Leaders Forum, two major initiatives
that bring together socially responsible companies, Societe Generale  pays particular attention to further development
and promotion of  the CSR concept  in Serbia.


Contribution to civil society


Reducing the negative impact of our business to the environment


Integration of CSR principles in business activities


Responsible management of staff 
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