EXCHANGE RATE - 25.02.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.5289 123.9458 126.3627
CHF CHF 112.9266 116.3592 119.7918
GBP GBP 142.7936 147.1341 151.4746
USD USD 111.2785 117.0736 122.8687
complete rate

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Avantage was created to offer a package of financial products and services that fully meets your financial requirements, and as a result of our desire to recognize all of your financial needs and goals.


With Avantage benefits daily banking will be different just for you.


At your service are our most experienced bankers, willing to provide the necessary expert advice and services. Always in a pleasant conversation and with the necessary privacy.


Avantage allows best service for all your daily financial activities, with the best terms from the bank's offer.


Therefore, when you want to buy or sell euro you always get better, the middle exchange rete.


The cost of monthly card servicing for your Visa Gold is 50% lower, and with this credit card you can always enjoy the favorable buying and special offers for global brands in Visa partners shops.


With easy-to-understand strategic and good advice we help you to make a decision about the best short-term or long-term credit arrangements.


Our cash loans are available with extra low interest rates in the special Avantage cash loan offer and when you are choosing a car loan.


As a user of Avantage benefits you can apply for a house loan with reduced interest rate with a repayment period of 10 years.







If you want to connect your savings with life insurance we have created a special offer endowment life insurance. With this insurance, you ensure yourself the money that you can use later in life, but at the same time you and your closest family are insured in case of occurrence of the insured event.


Your personal banker will give you more details about easiest way to get the most benefits from Avantage.


You can have live communication with your banker via new and improved SoGe e-banking!


Our e-banking platform offers you many more possibilities aside from live conversation with your banker, without going to the bank: approval of cash loan, opening saving account and term deposit, apply for overdraft, create standing orders and make all types of payments!


Take cash
Buy a new car
Move into your new flat
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