EXCHANGE RATE - 16.01.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.3768 123.7907 126.2046
CHF CHF 111.8820 115.2828 118.6836
GBP GBP 136.0268 140.1616 144.2964
USD USD 110.7625 116.5308 122.2991
complete rate

National payment

Small business     National payment

National payment

Societe Generale Bank Serbia offers fast and safe national payments to all customers.
Apart from cash transactions and savings deposits you can execute in any of our branches, our e-banking offers all types of non cash transactions.
  • 20 - 35% lower rates for e-banking payment orders
  • Fees not conditioned by the time of payment order receipt
  • All internal orders are free of charge

Issuing certificates
Upon your request, we will issue a certificate on:
  • Executed orders
  • Money transfers
  • Account balances
  • Average balance, etc.


Fast, efficient and reliable international payment operations!


For easier operations!
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