EXCHANGE RATE - 17.01.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.4093 123.8239 126.2385
CHF CHF 111.9119 115.3137 118.7155
GBP GBP 136.6823 140.8370 144.9917
USD USD 110.3456 116.0922 121.8388
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International payment

You can make international payments promptly, efficiently and reliably by using branch network of Societe Generale Group and first-class banks.

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International payment

Incoming FX payments are free of charge.
It is easy to make international payments using e-banking, with rates lower by 25% compared to the traditional models of executing international payments:
  • Sogecash Web International
  • HAL E-Banking (Halcom)
Outgoing international payments can be executed by:
  • payment order
  • cheque
  • payment collection
  • electronically

Payment order

Payment orders can be delivered:
  • electronically, by using Sogecash Net or HAL E-Banking
  • personally
  • by fax (original payment order must be delivered personally during the day)
  • by post
If payment orders are sent electronically, the resident customers are also obliged to deliver the accompanying documents by fax (011) 311 47 44 and (011) 311 41 59 or e-mail
Non resident customers must provide a Request for Payment Letter on a memo.
All payment orders with cover or paid fee that are filled according to law.
  • received by 12 p.m. or electronically by 2 p.m. are executed on the same working day;
  • received after above hours are executed the next working day.

Payment by cheque (nostro cheque)

In order to pay by cheque, a customer is obliged to deliver a properly filled payment order in accordance with the Decision on Conditions and Manners of Executing International Payments, as well as required documents. Societe Generale Bank Serbia shall send the cheque in denominated currency of payment in accordance with its international corresponding banking agreements.

Payment collection

Societe Generale Bank acts upon customer’s order in accordance with payment collection instructions.

Payment in favor of a beneficiary in a EU member- state in the amount of up to EUR 50,000

The Bank executes payment orders in favor of a beneficiary in a EU member- state in the amount of up to EUR 50,000 EUR by sending the order to a correspondent international bank the same day if it receives such order until the required time according to the Bank’s Tariff for Payment Transactions.
The correspondent bank will make efforts to transfer funds to the beneficiary bank in currency with the value date of two working days following the day of payment order receipt.

Incoming international payments

The bank delivers a notification to the customer-beneficiary on all incoming payments received until 12 p.m. on the same day. The customer is obliged to notify the bank on the beneficiary and the purpose of the payment in person, by fax or e-mail within 24 hours. Once the bank received this notification from the customer, it executes the incoming payment with the value date from the SWIFT message.
Daily turnover and account balance statements can be received by:
  • e-banking
  • e-mail
  • fax
  • post
  • personal delivery

Complaints / Claims

In case the beneficiary has not received money in accordance with above procedure or has a complaint to any other aspect of transaction, the bank will on the basis of a written description of the complaint / claim investigate and inform the customer on the causes and measures undertaken to remedy the referred failure.
For any complaints concerning outgoing international payments please refer to Vesna Todorovic (011) 30 19 710 or write to


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