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Visa Business Kredit

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Visa Business Kredit


Business credit card

Business credit card account is linked to the predefined credit limit, which is not related to the company’s current account balance. Thus it is good alternative to loan ad overdraft.

Business credit card enables you and your employees to pay in simple and flexible manner, with better control of expenses and fund management. Number of cards issued per one account is unlimited and you can define separate card limit for each card.

Visa business

Advantages of Business credit card:

  • Revolving or charge option
  • Efficient follow up of business expenses
  • Easy to use in country and abroad
  • Better control of single spending
  • Possibility of different card limits for employees
  • Chip technology that provides improved security

Revolving option offers the possibility to pay in instalments, in amount of 10%, 25% or 50% of the spent sum in total. Instalment amount consists of chosen percentage of spent amount, interest and fees, if any.1

Charge option provides you postponed payment until the 10th in the following month, when all that was spent in the previous month dues to payment without interest. 2

Selected payment model will be applied to all cardholders in one company.

Card can be used for various business needs, such as:

  • Business travel
  • Representation costs
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Purchase of office materials
  • Purchase of computer hardware and software
1 Fees that may be charged: for transactions made abroad, cash withdrawal and balance inquiry at ATM.
2 Plus fee, if any.


Pay entertainment expenses fast and easy! 
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