EXCHANGE RATE - 16.01.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.3768 123.7907 126.2046
CHF CHF 111.8820 115.2828 118.6836
GBP GBP 136.0268 140.1616 144.2964
USD USD 110.7625 116.5308 122.2991
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Documentary operations

As a part of one of the largest banking groups with an extensive network both Europe and worldwide, and with a rich experience on the international markets, Societe Generale Serbia offers a wide range of services in documentary operations and guarantees.

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Documentary operations

Owing to the reputation of Societe Generale Group – of which we are part – our letters of credit and letters of guarantee need no confirmation of other banks, which decreases the expenses your business would otherwise have.
We offer the following documentary services, together with highly professional consulting:
  • Letters of credit – LC
  • Letters of guarantee – LG
  • Documentary collections (incasso)
  • Cheque, bills of exchange and promissory note collections


Reliable payment instrument!


For secure business!  


Incasso – For successful business!


Advisory services
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