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Investment banking

Societe Generale has a dedicated team for mergers & acquisitions advisory services, offering advisory in each phase of private or privatization transaction, from valuation exercise and sale or acquisition strategy to negotiation and closing the transaction. The team has significant relevant experience, a deep industry expertise combined with a strong knowledge of the Serbian business environment, and as an advantage, works in close cooperation with the team specialized in Emerging Markets as well as with all SG subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe. This global network enables access to a large number of clients seeking acquisition opportunities, as well as clients looking for investors. M&A team is primarily focused on the countries in the region: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
M&A advisory services
Private transactions Privatization transactions Additional services
Buy side Buy side Services
Assisting foreign strategic and financial investors in locating, assessing, valuating and acquiring local / regional companies owned by groups, private individuals or funds.
A full range of advisory services are offered to investors wishing to acquire state or socially owned companies: deal sourcing, process advisory, lobbying, due diligences, valuations and negotiation.
Consolidation and Restructurings
Feasibility studies and Business Valuation
Lobbying with State and local authorities
Strategic advisory
Sell side Sell side
Advising companies on marketing their businesses to foreign and domestic investors. Company analysis, restructuring, marketing through the SG world network and other channels and negotiation with prospective acquirers.
Advising the Authorities on the entire privatization process, from the decision on the model of privatization to the preparation of the company, data room management and negotiation.

Four main reasons for choosing Societe Generale M&A advisory:
  • Global character of the Societe Generale Group ensures that our team has access to a large investor base – companies that are potential acquirers, including some of the world’s larges organizations
  • Local presence of the Societe Generale Group, both in Serbia and the surrounding countries, gives our Clients in these markets unique local access to our consultants in mergers and acquisitions
  • Our teams cooperate closely with consultants and a pool of specialized sector and industry analysts in Paris Headquarters, dedicated to M&A activities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Societe Generale has a full capacity to offer other complementary services in M&A transactions, such as brokerage, custody, documentary trade services and acquisition financing.


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