EXCHANGE RATE - 22.04.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.1308 123.5398 125.9488
CHF CHF 111.9785 115.3823 118.7861
GBP GBP 143.1245 147.4750 151.8255
USD USD 111.8427 115.2424 118.6421
complete rate

Money and foreign currency markets

Societe Generale Srbija is able to offer the most favorable exchange rate for the buy or sell of foreign currencies, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Corporate banking     Money and foreign currency markets

Money and foreign currency markets

  • Foreign exchange operations are done promptly and at any time of the date
  • The money is deposited on account immediately, 
  • foreign currency conversion is done upon customer’s order, 
  • outgoing international payment 

FX and money market

Societe Generale Bank offers standard and tailor-made products for FX, money and government securities markets.  
We offer the following conditions to our customers:
  • Foreign exchange operations with prompt and forward options up to one-year maturity (including non standard broken dates) directly concluded between the customer and the dealer in charge at real time FX rates, both in terms of Dinar and between foreign currencies (cross-rates). The team of dealers of Societe Generale Bank covers 15% of total Serbian market, amongst 38 banks.
  • Depository operations on money markets at best and competitive rates, both on short terms (overnight, up to one week, two weeks, a month or longer), and on longer terms (one, two, three years and longer), including the option to conclude non standard contracts (broken dates) and call deposits (two to ten days) in Dinar and other major foreign currencies. 
  • Market and macroeconomic analysis – on daily basis (delivered by email) or periodically and upon customer’s request, free of charge 
According to regulations and availability on national market, it is possible to contract all structured hedging products and instruments.


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