EXCHANGE RATE - 22.04.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.1308 123.5398 125.9488
CHF CHF 111.9785 115.3823 118.7861
GBP GBP 143.1245 147.4750 151.8255
USD USD 111.8427 115.2424 118.6421
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We take care of your securities.

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From the beginning our approach is focused on a permanent generation and development of quality services as well as products with international standards, according to individual requirements and needs of clients.

As a member of the Central Depository Agency, Societe Generale Serbia provides for its customers a high standard and quality of service.

Societe Generale Banka Srbija – licenced custody bank by mid-2008, has become a part of a global custody network under the name of Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) who is leader in these services on European, and on the world level.

Customers who do business in Serbia through our Custody bank have the additional advantage - domestic customers, which in accordance with local regulations have the opportunity to invest in foreign securities under the best conditions also get instant access to international markets and complete custody services for their portfolios abroad, while foreign investors, regardless of whether they are already customers of SGSS or not, our custody bank in Serbia are fully support and monitoring on the local level for all of their investments in domestic securities. That ensures a uniform level of service distinguished by its high quality and professionalism around the world.
Custody clients: current and potential
  • Domestic and foreign investors
  • Investment Funds
  •  Pension Funds
  • Insurance companies
Kastodi usluge
  • Administration of securities accounts
  • Safekeeping of assets for domestic and foreign investors
  • Settlement of securities trading transactions with the Central Depository Agency
  • Corporate Actions
  • Collection of revenues from securities (dividends, coupons)
  • Evaluation of the portfolio value
  • Cash management
  • Reporting on the status and changes of portfolio value
  • Providing information on local market
  • Fund Administration (investment and pension)
  • Tax treatment of securities (assisting Clients in the execution of tax liabilities of Clients; avoidance of double taxation)
In addition to custody services on local capital market, we offer clients services of settlement of securities issued in foreign markets. This type of service includes:
  • Safekeeping of securities in foreign markets
  • Settlement of transactions, in accordance with clients instructions
  •  Reporting on the status and changes of the value of clients assets
  • Collection of revenues from securities (dividends, coupons)
  • Corporate Actions


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