EXCHANGE RATE - 22.04.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.1308 123.5398 125.9488
CHF CHF 111.9785 115.3823 118.7861
GBP GBP 143.1245 147.4750 151.8255
USD USD 111.8427 115.2424 118.6421
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In case you are in a situation to wait too long in order to collect payment for the goods you sold, if you are financing your buyers and if you are facing liquidity issues – factoring is the solution you need!
The Bank takes over the collection of your accounts receivable, you receive the payments and continue doing your business more efficiently.

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What is a recourse factoring?
It is a financial transaction of short term financing on the basis of future non matured accounts receivable from sale of goods and services, where the factor is entitled to a claim against the customer – accounts receivable assigner, in case the customer does not collect his accounts receivables from the debtor.
Which parties are involved in the factoring transaction?
  • "Customer" – Provider of goods and services who assigns its accounts receivable it has against the Debtor
  • "Factor" – SGS Bank
  • "Debtor" – Buyer of goods and services
What are the benefits of factoring?
  • It does not increase your company’s credit burden – it is not required to register factoring transactions with the Credit Bureau
  • By prompt collection of amounts against invoices you improve your liquidity, creditworthiness and solvency, as well as profit-generating potential
  • Balance sheet liabilities decrease
  • You improve your competitiveness
  • In case of factoring, the bank primarily appraises the value and quality of accounts receivable it assumes, while in case of loans the bank evaluates customer’s creditworthiness.
  • Possibility to receive higher financing limit compared to the credit limit
  • Foreign exchange currency hedging

Other factoring expenses
The customer - assigner of accounts receivable pays for all factoring expenses and they include:
  • Factoring fees – one-off upon approval, calculated as a percentage of total invoiced amounts and collected as advance payments deductible.
  • Factoring interest rates – calculated on advance payment from the day of financing by the factor as of the day of collection from the debtor. It is paid as outstanding invoiced amount deductible of the Customer – reserves. 2W Repo Rate valid as of the payment day is calculated for the entire period.
  • Invoice processing fee – fixed for each invoice, paid on occasion of advance payment.
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