EXCHANGE RATE - 22.04.2017.

Currency Buying Middle Selling
EUR EUR 121.1308 123.5398 125.9488
CHF CHF 111.9785 115.3823 118.7861
GBP GBP 143.1245 147.4750 151.8255
USD USD 111.8427 115.2424 118.6421
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Medical professional services

Societe Generale is one of the oldest banking groups in the world and has the backing of one of the largest financial networks. We have the greatest respect for every client and every business. Sometimes it is easier, and sometimes it might be more difficult to come up with a solution to a problem, but we never give up until we find it.
That is why we make business quick and easy for professional health service providers like you. More than 100 of our branches are at your disposal. Every day!
Investment loan from the European Investment Bank line - for purchase of business premises

Representative example of Investment loan from EIB line

The currency of the loan contracts EUR1
Total amount of investment 50.000 EUR
Down payment(20 %) 10.000 EUR
Loan amount 40.000 EUR
Repayment period (months) 120 months
NIR (annually) 6,99% + 3M EURIBOR2
Monthly installment 466.23 EUR
Administrative fee 400 EUR
Expenses related to loan approval, that are known in the moment of publishing
Bill exchange of debtor RSD 150
Bill of exchange of owner RSD 100
Debtor credit bureau report RSD 600
Owner credit bureau report RSD 102
Issuing of ownership statement 10 EUR (in RSD counter value)
Estimation of mortgage value 100 EUR (in RSD counter value)
Certification of pledge statement RSD 10.080
Mortgage registration RSD 20.000
EIR (annualy) 7,80%
Total liabilities during the repayment period (capital, interest and expences) 56.715,60 EUR
Visa Gold Card with 0% interest rate 
Visa Gold is a credit card which includes travel health insurance for the card user and members of his family. Insurance covers 90 days over a period of one year and amounts of up to EUR 30 000. The card also provides discounts in prominent brand stores, prestigious restaurants and travel agencies.

Representative example of Visa Gold with monthly repayment 100%

Without cash deposit With cash deposit
Card limit RSD 300.000 RSD 300.000
Cash deposit - EUR 2.500 [*1]
NIR annually 0% 0%
Minimum instalment RSD 1.000 RSD 1.000
Maximum instalment RSD 300.000 RSD 300.000
Monthly fee RSD 500 RSD 0
EIR annually 3,28% 1%
Total liabilities during the repayment period (spent limit, interest and expences) RSD 300.000 RSD 300.000
A POS terminal for simple payments will make you a partner of the Masterata credit card and you get the chance to advertise your practice on our Bank’s official website. Allow your patients interest-free instalment payments
The Business PRACTICAL package at a price of RSD 595 per month:
  • RSD and EUR current accounts
  • Visa Business Electron debit card
  • SOGe e-banking
  • SMS account balance notifications
  • Mobilia SMS service
  • Vocalia telephone service
  • A single tariff for RSD payment orders: more affordable fixed commission for internal and external orders, with even lower prices for electronic orders
  • Financial leasing for purchasing medical equipment. Without compulsory mortgage for sums of up to EUR 15 000
  • Investment loan from the European Investment Bank credit line for purchase of fixed assets
  • interest rate discounted loans for purchasing at Societe Generale partner companies
  • More affordable interest rates for housing, cash and refinancing loans
  • Free maintenance of account packages for the first two months, and after this period the client would be able to control maintenance costs, and reduce them by half or even bring them down to RSD 0
  • This offer is valid once salaries are transferred to Societe Generale


Mixed life insurance
Mixed life insurance and saving is an ideal combination of long-term saving (from 5 to 15 years) and life insurance. This type of insurance covers death (from any cause) and survival benefits. The beneficiary and his heirs are insured immediately upon paying the first monthly premium. In case of death of the beneficiary, heirs receive the full insured amount, even though funds have not been collected in full. In case of survival, insurance pays out the agreed sum as survival benefit.
1The outstanding loan balance for loans indexed in EUR is adjusted by applying the median exchange rate of NBS for EUR applicable on the last day of each month, in keeping with the exchange rate applicable on the respective day in relation to the exchange rate that was applicable on the last day of the previous month, except the first month when the adjustment is done with the exchange rate applicable on the loan release date.
2The interest rate is variable and consists of a reference rate - six months EURIBOR rate as a variable part, and the margin of the Bank, as fixed part, in accordance with the tariffs of the Bank. The variable interest rate is adjusted, on the first working day of every month, in accordance with the reference EURIBOR rate change, which was 0.005% on the representative date, 01.05.2015. The EIR in this example was calculated on 19.05.2015.
3The cash deposit is the agreed limit in RSD, calculated in EUR by applying the median exchange rate of NBS for EUR applicable on the approval date. EIR was calculated on 09.04.2015.

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